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Methadone has effects that are very similar to the effects of morphine. It is particularly useful in treating the withdrawal symptoms suffered by people addicted to other narcotic drugs, especially heroin. Methadone blocks the pleasurable effects of heroin. Even though people can also abuse methadone and even become addicted to itespecially if not used under a doctor's supervisionthis synthetic narcotic has helped many people detoxify and kick a heroin habit. How Are Narcotics Used? Narcotics are usually taken orally in pill or liquid form.

Codeine is not as powerful as the other narcotics, but people can and do become addicted to it, so it is a controlled medication. It is available only through a physician's prescription. Heroin Since opium and morphine proved to be powerful but dangerous drugs, doctors continued their search for another and safer form of narcotic. 1 Heroin is a white powder derived from the drug morphine. It is twice as strong as morphine, and thus 20 times stronger than opium. It also works much faster in depressing the brain than does opium or morphine.

Be careful not to send mixed messages to your child about narcotic use. For example, one of the most damaging mixed messages is to disapprove of your child using narcotics, and then to use them yourself or associate with other people who use them. This really confuses young people who rely on parents for consistent messages that reflect clear limits and values about narcotic or other drug use. As a parent, you have much more influence than you may imagine. Research has revealed that clear messages from parents are far more influential on young people's choices than are advertisements, TV, movies, or even peers.

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